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Our story

How it all started...


Catherine Bergoin, the Artist
Catherine has always loved painting and been a painter. Thanks to her grandparents and parents she mastered gouache, then oil painting and watercolor.
She discovered porcelain painting in 1975 when she was a P.E. teacher in Lyon.
She developed a passion for porcelain, this precious material with its many possibilities for decoration and she immersed herself into learning how to master it. She took courses and did internships to learn about it. Her quest even took her beyond France: she enrolled in numerous courses and internships in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. In the 1980’s she quit her job as a teacher and moved to Chambéry to turn her passion into her new job.


Looking for products
At the time, porcelain painting was not well-known in France. It was difficult for her to find the paints and the different products to achieve all the master pieces she had in mind. This art was not widespread so she contacted directly the European manufacturers of pigments, travelled to meet them and discussed with their chemists who gave her valuable advice and recipes and sent her numerous samples. She also did internships with these professional chemists to better her knowledge.


How she created and developed her business
Many of her own students but also her fellow artists appealed to her, so she started marketing products with the brand Catherine Bergoin as well as other selected items,
As demand grew, sales by mail order was set up in the 1990's.
A few years later her husband Jacques got in charge of marketing, which allowed her to devote more time to what she liked best: research and artistry
They achieved success first in France, then in Europe and pioneered into setting up their E.shopping website in the early 2000's.
Present on many shows they keep listening to porcelain painting lovers and take inspiration from their expectations to develop their range of products.


The show in Lyon
This is what triggered the idea of a big show dedicated to this art in France. The first international porcelain painting show took place in Lyon in 2007 ; it was an immediate success ; it has become one of the biggest in Europe, even in the world.


A rich and fulfilling career
Catherine has always worn several hats : as an artist, as a show organizer and as an entrepreneur.
After all those fulfilling years, she decided to retire in 2017 but didn't wish to stop there.


and then…
Willing to continue her adventure in the world of porcelain painting and pass on her knowledge, she chose Céram Décor, the company which enabled her to become its technical advisor and ambassador for the Catherine Bergoin workshop and the show in Lyon.
Moreover she still offers courses and internships with the same passion.
The Catherine Bergoin workshop continues to develop and the show in Lyon attracts more and more visitors and exhibitors throughout the years.



             What a great success story,you all share with us

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